Donald Duck's Transforming Robot is or was an enormous user-controlled robot.

Description Edit

The Transforming Robot was an enormous robot which could be controlled by a person sitting in its head. It could be transformed into a car for transport. The robot had a skateboard-like device equipped with a rocket engine, which, when in car mode, sat on the car's roof. The robot resembled Donald Duck, and was, in fact, piloted by him. The Robot's purpose or its creator are unknown, as is whether the Robot still exists. Two variations of the Robot are known to exist: one in monochrome and one in a Halloween theme, although it is unknown whether they are variations on the same robot or different robots entirely.

Behind the scenes Edit

Donald Duck's Transforming Robot was part of the Disney Transformers line (which had no relation to the rest of the Transformers series). No explanation of what it was or how and why it came to be was given, and it is unknown if it can even be considered canonical, being that it only appeared in one toy line.

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