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Donald Duck is a written illustrated story by unknown authors (credited only as "the Staff of Walt Disney Studios"), featuring Donald Duck and Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse, the latter being described as Mickey Mouse's nephew in the narration, although Mickey himself plays no part in the plot.


Mickey's nephews challenge "Uncle Donald Duck" to a swimming contest. Although Donald was happy lazing around in his houseboat thus far, he takes the challenge more seriously than he probably should.


  • Donald Duck claims he's the champion of a family of champ swimmers, though he may be lying.


Behind the scenes

This book, the first licensed tie-in storybook about the character ever produced, was published by Whitman in 1935. It has today reached the status of collector's items.

The book also marks the first reference to the Duck family, although in the form of what is likely nothing more than empty boasting on Donald's part.