Donald Duck is an anthropomorphic duck and Feudarnia's counterpart to Donald Duck.

Description Edit

After accruing a large amount of debt owed to Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck was forced to work in Scrooge's castle on Duckburgh, polishing his money, while raising his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck. However, when the Beagle Boys attacked Scrooge's auxiliary Money Bin, Mossy Mouflon Manor, using Meteorbeasts, Scrooge gave Donald a chance to show his skill as a Beastbuster. Donald rented a rickety old Busterbot and set off, with his nephews, to fight the Beagles. While at the Manor, Donald met the legendary Beastbuster Mickey Mouse, who entrusted him with the Magnus Malleus, a magical hammer made with a sliver of Dragonite, and told him to take it to the Magicianeer Gyro Gearloose, as it could be used as a weapon against the Meteorbeasts when put together with the Trembling Anvil, which Gyro was creating. After a long series of mishaps and misadventures, Donald eventually got the hammer to its destination, where he helped use it to defeat the Meteorbeasts and Meteormaster Blot once and for all. Donald later went to celebrate at the Broken-Antler Tavern with his team, only to have Scrooge McDuck warn him of a gold-eating dragon coming their way, prompting him to comment that Feudarnia may not be quite safe just yet.

Behind the scenes Edit

This version of Donald Duck first appeared in Donald Quest in 2016.

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