Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold, spelled on the cover with an exclamation mark, is a comic story written by Bob Karp with art by Carl Barks and Jack Hannah. It features Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, Yellow Beak, Peg-Leg Pete, Red Eye, and Red Eye's Brother. Henry Morgan, Jolly Roger, an Old Sailor, Davy Jones, and Mama Pete are mentioned.


Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck are swept from their seaside inn to the ends of the Earth by an old salt called Yellow Beak and his claims to possess a treasure map pointing to the desert island where Henry Morgan buried his treasure! Unfortunately, Peg-Leg Pete and his henchmen are hot on Yellow Beak's heels, and end up sneaking onto the boat the Ducks charter for their quest…



Behind the scenes

Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold was first printed in the 1942 Four Color Comics #9, largely hailed as the first original Disney comic-book. It is also notable as Carl Barks's first-ever Duck comic story (though contrary to popular belief, it is not outright his first Disney comic, as it is predated by Pluto Saves the Ship).

The story was later reprinted in Donald Duck #250, Gladstone Giant Album #1, Gladstone Leather Bound Hardcover Comic Albums #7, Walt Disney's Comics in Color #6, Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge - The Best And Firsts #1 and The Biggest Big Walt Disney's Comics #1 (1998), in the various Carl Barks Libraries, and also in the Australian Ayres & James Comics #2.

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