Donald Duck says "Relax!"

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Unofficial.png Donald Duck says "Relax!" is an unofficial narrative illustration by Debbie Anne Perry, more details about the story of which were added by its de-facto publisher, Joe Torcivia. It features Donald Duck and also mentions Captain Retro-Duck (here spelled "Captain Retro Duck").


A serene Donald Duck stays at home reading a Captain Retro Duck hardcover book, a sign reading “Stay at Home and Stay Safe!” pinned on his living room wall.


Behind the scenes

The unlicensed Donald Duck says "Relax!" was created by comic author Debbie Anne Perry and released in April of 2020 on Joe Torcivia's blog Joe Torcivia's The Issue At Hand.

It is naturally a commentary on the then-ongoing self-isolation caused by the COVID-19 crisis. On her official Twitter account, Perry also released a different, two-part comic concerning Donald's reaction to the epidemic, wherein which he was much less serene.

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