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Donald Ducks Out is a comic story by unknown authors. It features Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck.


Donald Duck, fed up with the constant noise of disco music emanating from the houses of Duckburg, decides to move somewhere more peaceful - specifically, outer space. His nephews elect to join him, and the four travel to a new planet in Donald's homemade spaceship. Unfortunately for Donald, even this brand new world is plagued by a noise suspiciously reminiscent of the thumping beats of disco - namely, Huey, Dewey, and Louie testing out the planet's lower gravity by jumping up and down.


  • Donald Duck hates disco music.
  • Donald Duck is sufficiently technologically skilled to build a working spacecraft.
  • Donald has pictures of both a spaceship and a fireman on his wall.
  • Books that Donald owns include Mars on $5 and Space Houses.

Behind the scenes

Donald Ducks Out was printed in Mickey's Space Quiz Fun'N Numbers Book, a booklet included with the 1980 educational toy Mickey's Space Quiz. The story is part of the larger arc featured in the booklet, which details Mickey and friends' discovery of the planet Multiplus Minus.

Oddly, the first strip of the story was printed on page 20 of the booklet, while the final panel, which follows from the strip directly and serves as its punchline, was printed on page 30. An illustration which may have been intended to be a part of the story, featuring Donald and his nephews travelling through space, was printed on page 25.