Donald Gets Drafted is a theatrical cartoon directed by Jack King. Carl Barks, Jack Hannah, and Harry Reeves wrote the story, while the music was composed by Paul J. Smith.[1]The film features Donald Duck and Peg-Leg Pete, following the former as he is drafted into the United States Armed Forces.


Donald has been drafted to join the United States Armed Forces, which he is quite enthusiastic about, having been lead to believe that he will have a swell time! He asks to be placed in the United States Army Air Corps, as he wants to fly. After a physical exam and being made to march, Donald is no longer so keen on the Army. Things only gets worse when he accidentally gets on the bad side of the Drill Sergeant, Pete.


  • This short reveals Donald's middle name to be Fauntleroy.
  • The date on Donald's "Order to Report for Introduction" card is March 24, 1941, indicating that the short takes place sometime shortly after that date.
  • While at the draft board, Donald claims he comes from "a family of aviators" and proceeds to cite his father, uncle, and cousin as examples of aviators within his family tree.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Donald Gets Drafted was released on May the 1st, 1942.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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