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Donald McDuck is an anthropomorphic duck.


Donald McDuck is described as Scrooge McDuck's own uncle, though he is technically his cousin (he was the nephew of Scrooge's grandfather Titus). Even more avid and shrewd than Scrooge, Donald then spent his life getting richer and richer, and eventually became the richest duck in the world, long before Scrooge held that title. However, once he reached this point, earning money lost most of the appeal it had had for him; he had to overwork himself to find new areas to win money from, and he eventually gave up, scattered his riches and businesses, and became a hermit in the Himalayas. Although he no longer wants it to be money, Donald, still used to the feeling of swimming in his cash, has a pool of dried leaves in his cave in which he takes a daily swim. Scrooge still occasionally visits Old Uncle Donald, who has retained all of his calculating intelligence and gives him business tips.

Behind the scenesEdit

Donald McDuck first appeared in 1970 in Zio Paperone e i cannoni del Mississippi, which shows him in his youth as the sidekick of Titus McDuck. He was more notably used in the 1980 story Lo Zio di Zio Paperone.

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