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The “Donald Voodoo Doll” is a voodoo doll of Animatronic Donald Duck.


A rough likeness of Wasteland's Animatronic Donald, this Voodoo Doll was created in mysterious circumstances and ended up in the possession of Metairie, who tried to lift the curse, but had it stolen from her by a Spatter before she could do so. In 2010, Animatronic Donald's body was reassembled and he began feeling the effects of the voodoo doll which the Spatter now carelessly played with.

Donald and Metairie had Mickey Mouse (then visiting Wasteland) track down the Spatter and the Doll and bring the latter back to them; Donald then instructed Mickey to give it to someone who'd keep it safe, predicting that he was, for his part, too unlucky and clumsy to be trusted with it. Mickey chose Donald's girlfriend Animatronic Daisy, who, while unaware of the Voodoo Doll's status as anything more than a "cute doll", promised to keep it safe.

Behind the scenes

The Donald Voodoo Doll serves as a secondary quest item in the 2010 video game Epic Mickey.