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Doofus Drake is a young anthropomorphic duck and the 2017 Continuum's counterpart to Doofus Drake.


This version of Doofus Drake started out as a nice and innocent kid (possibly similar to the original version) but was corrupted by the absurdly large inheritance he received from his grandmother Frances. Now able to get anything he could ever want, Doofus grew more and more possessive and tyrannical, and had become downright psychotic by 2018, locking up "friends" in his house, reducing his parents to mere servants, and breaking priceless works of art for fun. He was finally knocked down a peg in 2019 when his parents adopted B.O.Y.D., a sweet-natured robot child who managed to stand up to Doofus (and now controlled half of the Drake fortune).

Behind the scenes

Doofus Drake first appeared in the 2018 DuckTales 2017 episode Day of the Only Child, where he serves as the main antagonist.

According to Frank Angones, this version of Doofus was made radically different from the original because Angones disliked the original Doofus for being a "walking fat-joke". Angones added that the characterization of this Doofus was heavily influenced by that of Anthony, in the Twillight Zone episode “It's a Good Life”.

Angones has made it quite clear that unlike his Prime Universe counterpart, Doofus would never end up married to Webby in any future timeline, which is understandable given the heavy changes to both characters' personalities.

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