The Zero Diamond, or more colloquially the Doom Diamond, is a large diamond.


The Doom Diamond, while one of the biggest diamonds in the world, is also the "most cursed jewel in the history of the world", bringing untold misfortune onto its owner. The exact circumstances of its becoming cursed are unknown, but it passed through many hands, becoming an obscure but enduring bit of trivia known to experts of the arcane arts.

By 1967, the Diamond was in the possession of King Kumquat of Mysterystan, who spent his fortune containing the Diamond's effects before managing to sell it to an unaware Scrooge McDuck. The Beagle Boys, also unaware of the Diamond's true nature, attempted to steal it on the way back, and the chaos bred the perfect conditions for a rather awe-inspiring manifestation of the Diamond's jinx-bringing powers.

Later, a badly-worded wish by Magica De Spell from a demon called Shax landed the lost diamond into her hands (she had meant to ask for Scrooge McDuck's first "dime", but had been backtracked into asking for Scrooge's "diamond"). It is unknown how she got rid of the accursed gem, although it is clear that she did, as she was no longer suffering from its effect a little while later.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Doom Diamond was, fittingly enough, first seen in the 1967 story The Doom Diamond.

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