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Dope-a-Cabana is a cartoon story written and directed by Matt Danner. It features Donald Duck, José Carioca, Panchito Pistoles, Xandra, April, May, and June, the Aracuan Bird, Clinton Coot, Daisy Duck, and, in their debut, Baron Von Sheldgoose, Lord Felldrake SheldgooseDon DugoCaballero Carioca, Caballero Gonzalez, the Barbershop Owner, a woman suspiciously resembling Peg-Leg Pete, the Duckburg Firefighters, Debbie Affidavit. In a cameo appearance, a painting of Hortense and Quackmore Duck can also be seen.


On Donald Duck's birthday, he is fired from his job as a barber, his house burns down, the firefighters who show up do nothing but chop his remaining unburnt possessions into pieces, and, to top it off, Daisy breaks up with him. While sitting outside the burnt remains of his house, Donald receives a letter telling him that his great-grandfather, Clinton Coot, has left him a house in New Quackmore. Rushing there, Donald makes himself at home in what he believes to be his new house, until the stuffy Baron Von Sheldgoose informs him that he is, in fact, trespassing on his private home, and that Donald has actually inherited the house next door, a tiny cabana.

Not only that, but he is, in fact, only one of the three co-inheritors of the place, a fact made clear when the other two heirs, José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles, show up. The three decide to have a yard sale with the items left in the cabana, and Donald invites Daisy's nieces April, May, and June to help them. Sheldgoose, however, is furious, as he tells the three that having a yard sale on the property of the New Quackmore Institute is forbidden. He is interrupted, however, when a mysterious, sinister glowing ring (belonging to his ancestor Lord Felldrake) catches his attention, causing him to backpedal and cordially offer to pay one million dollars for the entirety of the estate, provided they can locate a golden atlas that should be somewhere in the cabana.

The three manage to locate the book, and (after asking the Aracuan Bird, caretaker of the estate, to open the lock on it), open it, releasing a goddess, who threatens to kill them with her magic arrows if they don't reveal who they are (directly leading into the next episode, Labyrinth and Repeat).

Behind the scenes

Dope-a-Cabana is the first episode of Legend of the Three Caballeros.