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Double Trouble is a comic story written and drawn by William Van Horn. It features Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, Daisy Duck, and, in their debut, Madam Wicki-Wacki, Lulubelle, J. Thurlow Goosebulb, and the other Donald Duck.


Donald Duck's idle wish to be "notorious" becomes frighteningly real as he is repeatedly confused for an infamous namesake and lookalike of his, whose brief stay in Duckburg has already aroused the enmity of nearly every important person in town, and then some!

Behind the scenes

First printed in January of 2002 in the German Die Tollsten Geschichten von Donald Duck #177, this story was published in English in 2003 in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #638.

The story bears no relation to the similarly-named Donald's Double Trouble, save that both feature an otherwise-unrelated, malevolent lookalike of Donald Duck (another "Donald Duck" here, Dapper Duck there).