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Drake Mallard is an anthropomorphic duck and the counterpart of Drake Mallard in the 2017 Continuum.


Like Launchpad McQuack, Drake Mallard grew up watching Darkwing Duck and admiring its star Jim Starling. For the young, bullied Drake, Starling's portrayal of Darkwing inspired a never quit attitude that he hoped to inspire in future generations. By adulthood, Drake had become president of the Darkwing Duck Fan Club, assembling a considerable collection of merchandise in the process. He was eventually cast to play the role of his hero in Alistair Boorswan's Darkwing: First Darkness, a film based on his beloved childhood series.

As filming on the picture was wrapping up, Drake had the chance to meet his idol, Jim Starling, at a public appearance, only to find him aloof. Their relationship only got worse when Starling, learning of the film, discovered that Drake had been cast in his place, leading him to actually attack Drake. Starling went so far as to enlist Launchpad, who had also been at Starling's event, in an attempt to sabotage the film. However, after getting a good look at Drake's collection, Launchpad and the young actor began to bond, and the two decided to try and persuade Starling to help with the film.

Unfortunately, Starling responded by attacking Drake again, locking him in a shed, and taking his place on set. When the deranged actor went out of control, Drake appeared in his own Darkwing costume, drawing Starling's attention so that Launchpad could run damage control and all bystanders could escape safely. Starling gained the upper hand in the showdown, but Drake and Launchpad were able to prompt him to think on his actions. However, he later seemingly died after saving Launchpad and the film was cancelled. Questioning what he would do without the film role, Drake was intrigued when Launchpad suggested that he become Darkwing Duck for real.

Behind the scenes

The rebooted version of Drake Mallard debuted May 17, 2019 in The Duck Knight Returns.

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