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Drake Von Vladstone, better known as Count Dracula Duck, was an anthropomorphic duck and a vampire.


Drake Von Vladstone's history is largely unknown, however, it is known that he, at one point, owned or at least discovered the location of the Five Treasures, as he created a map to their locations, which he hid inside a portrait of himself. He seemingly arranged for himself to be resurrected if all five of the treasures were used as components in a specific magic spell.

Years after Vladstone's death, the sorceress Magica De Spell discovered the spell as well as the fact that the map existed and was hidden inside the portrait, and, with the aim of resurrecting the Count, came into possession of the painting and sold it, while in disguise, to Scrooge McDuck, hoping that he would find the treasures himself, saving her the trouble. Indeed, Scrooge discovered the map and collected the Five Treasures, only to have them stolen by Magica, who used them to resurrect Vladstone. Now under her command, he was forced to attack Scrooge, and did so multiple times, using powerful vampiric magic. However, Scrooge managed to withstand every attack, and continuously attacked Vladstone with his cane. Eventually, Vladstone's power was sufficiently drained by his attacks that Scrooge managed to destroy him, causing the vampire to disintegrate.

Although it is unknown, it would seem that Vladstone is now permanently dead, having completely disintegrated.

Behind the scenes

Count Dracula Duck first appeared in the DuckTales NES game in 1989, however, his true name and backstory were only revealed in DuckTales Remastered in 2013.