Drakehete, formerly Duckhaiti, is an island and independent state located in the Antilles.


Drakehete is a small, self-governed island in the Antilles; it operates as a monarchy which, judging by the name of the one known king (Tamakuri VI), appears to have proceeded from the native inhabitants without interruption, rather than be the result of what was once a colony regaining independence at a recent date.

Drakehete used to be a haven of piracy, being, most notably, the den of 17th century pirate Morgan Duck, though all that remains of this is a well-furnished Piracy Room in the Drakehete History Museum. In those days, Drakehete was known as Duckhaiti; the reason for the change is seemingly the result of a long-winded sequence of events that started with the King Tamakuri VI suffering from indigestion from eating too many mangoes.

Behind the scenesEdit

Drakehete was only ever seen in the 2004 story The Beagle Boys and the Last Pirate. Its former name, Duckhaiti, is a transparent allusion to the real-life Haiti.

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