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The Drossera Assadendum is a nigh-immortal, monstrous carnivorous plant from the 2017 Continuum.


The Drossera Assadendum is a humongous flesh-eating plant with one large eye surrounded by petals, and tentacle-like tendrils with two eyes of their own, which the Drossera can shapeshift into astonishingly lifelike human beings. However, the tendril-people are only simulacra without any real intelligence, and can do little but to repeat the same phrases over and over. Maintaining the disguise appears to take some concentration, as maiming the tentacles will cause them to revert to their base state.

Although it is relatively easy to beat any one of the tendrils to death, and the plant's core itself is sensitive to shrill sounds to the point of Donald Duck's singing proving fatal to it, the Drossera Assadendum's most fearsome ability is perhaps its regenerative immortality. If most of its body has bee killed, it will drop a seed from one of its tendrils, which will almost instantly regrow into a complete (if diminutive) Drossera.

A devilishly clever thing, in the 2010's, the Drossera used its tendrils to pose as a the entire population of a small village, sending advertisement brochures (printed on its own leaves) out into the wider world about the yearly "Feast of the Bloom". The naive tourists who came for the party and dancing would then fall prey to the Drossera's hunger. In 2018, however, the Three Caballeros (alongside Scrooge McDuck and the Duck kids) were able to defeat the Drossera and expose its trick, though they left the abandoned village unaware of the Drossera's survival.

Behind the scenes

The Drossera is the main antagonist of The Town Where Everyone Was Nice, the fourth episode of DuckTales 2017.

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