Drusilla Duck, supposedly born Drusilla Goose, is a female anthropomorphic goose.

Description Edit

Drusilla Duck is a kindly aunt of Daisy Duck's. Apparently quite well-off, she offered Daisy a cruise in 1966 to reward her for her diligent studies of poetry.

Where Drusilla falls in the Duck family tree is, as is often the case, a matter of some controversy; one account states that she is actually the sister of Luke Goose who later married an anonymous cousin of Daisy's father's. While this is in itself sound, this same source also curiously posits that she is the mother of Whitewater Duck and of another man who married Daisy's Sister and became the father of April, May and June.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Drusilla Duck was created by Carl Barks for the story The Not-so-Ancient Mariner in 1966. Her only appearances outside of that story are in Giovan Battista Carpi's Duck Family Tree and Johannes A. Grote's Duck Family Tree.

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