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Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree is often considered the "classic", iconic form of the Duck Family Tree.

Duck Family Trees are genealogical representations of Donald Duck's family.


Even if one only counts those of Donald Duck's relatives created by Carl Barks, they still amount to at least two dozens; and if all authors are taken into account, the number explodes to more than a hundred. Since the fifties, it has been a long running task taken by both Duck fans and official creators to create a plausible version of Donald Duck's family tree.

Some Trees present themselves as in-universe objects within stories, or give an in-universe justification for their existence even though they exist as standalone illustrations; others are devoid of a framing device and simply present new facts about the Duck universe without any intermediate steps.

As the vast majority of such trees, if they even have a title, are simply entitled The Duck Family Tree, they are referred to on this Wiki and elsewhere by commonly-accepted descriptors or nicknames.

List of Duck Family Trees

Trees presented within stories rather than as independent entities are marked "*"

  1. Carl Barks's first Duck Family Tree (Duck Family Tree) (1950's?)
  2. The Chart of the Duck Family Tree* (November of 1960)
  3. The Finnish Duck Family Tree (The Clan McDuck) (December of 1980)
  4. Mark Worden's Duck Family Tree (The Duck Family Tree) (1981)
  5. Carl Barks's second Duck Family Tree (untitled) (March of 1991)
  6. The French Duck Family Tree (The Duck Family Tree) (January of 1992)
  7. Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree (Donald Duck Family Tree or The Duck Family Tree) (July of 1993)
  8. Michel Nadorp's Duck Family Tree (Duck Family Poster) (June of 1995)
  9. Johannes A. Grote's Duck Family Tree (The Duck Family Tree) (1999)
  10. Donald Duck's Fore-Feathers (2000's?)
  11. Monique Peterson's Duck Family Tree (The Duck Family Tree) (2001)
  12. Don Rosa's second Duck Family Tree (The Duck Family Tree) (2009)
  13. Abril's Duck Family Tree (The Duck Family Tree) (November of 2018)
  14. Chris Moreno's Duck Family Tree (untitled) (November of 2019)
  15. The 2nd French Duck Family Tree (Donald Duck's Big Family) (December of 2019)

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