The location that would eventually become known as Duckburg was originally known as "Fort Drakeborough", a fort built on Killmule (later Killmotor) Hill on June 17, 1579 by British explorer Sir Francis Drake in the area he named Nova Albion; what partially would later become the state of Calisota. In the year 1818, during the Spanish colonization of California (1697–1821), the fort had been handed over by its departing British occupants to the visiting hunter and fur trader Cornelius Coot, who Americanized the name of the fort to "Fort Duckburg". Cornelius Coot turned the old fort into a trading post for fellow traders and hunters, and their families. Eventually a small town grew around the fort on top Killmule Hill. Cornelius Coot at some point in Duckburg's history managed to pipe mountain water into the town.[1] During the American Civil War, a decisive battle on top an unnamed hill in Duckburg was fought, led by the Duckburgian General Stonewall Duck. It is not known on which side the city fought, but with General Stonewall Duck being based on Stonewall Jackson, it can be assumed they fought for the Confederacy. However, the state of California, near which Calisota is located, was one of the members of the Unionist states, making Duckburg a more likely member of the Union.

Duckburg remained a quiet, small town until the arrival of wealthy businessman Scrooge McDuck. He had bought the old fort and the hill from Elvira Duck, née Coot, a descendant of Cornelius Coot, during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1899. Scrooge proceeded to construct his famous Money Bin on the location, which would eventually cause McDuck an incredible variety of problems and dilemmas. The first one was caused by the Junior Woodchucks, who were squatting in the site and using the old fort as their headquarters, even though they did not have legal title to it. The dispute led to a small war in 1902, involving the United States marines and navy, led by then President Theodore Roosevelt. Eventually however, the construction of the Money Bin and Scrooge's establishment of various businesses in and around Duckburg, caused Duckburg's population to swell, and turned the small town into a bustling city within several decades' time; making it a global financial centre.


Duckburg maintains a traditional rivalry with the neighboring city Goosetown. In addition, they are rivals in the sport of American Football with the town of Dogdale.


Duckburg has a professional American Football team, the Duckburg Dodgers. Not much is known about Duckburg Dodgers games except that, during one fall game, Scrooge McDuck promoted himself to team captain and implemented rules that he used before football was a professional sport. This resulted in the team defeating rival team the Dogdale Barkers, but since Scrooge's rules were not in the rulebook, the team was disqualified. However, the Dogdale Barkers had also been cheating, and so the game ended in a tie. Duckburg also has two professional baseball teams, the Duckburg Mallards and the Calisota Stealers. Duckburg also has a Cube team.


Duckburg is known to name it's streets and other locations after famous Duckburgians. There is a park named after General Bleakbeak, a public library named after Myopia Von Duck, a drive named after Hopalong Duck, a drive named after Dodo Drake, and a street named after Chuck Duck as well as an alley named after Upsy Duck and an uphill street named after Donald Duck. There is also a park featuring statues of famous Duckburg personas, such as the longtime mailman Mailman Mike.

Elvira Duck's Farm

Elvira Duck's farm is five miles from the main city of Duckburg. Elvira Duck inherited the land of Duckburg from her father Casey Coot, and sold most or all of it to Scrooge McDuck.

Cornelius Coot

There are many statues of founder Cornelius Coot in Duckburg

The Cathedral of Notre Duck

The cathedral of Notre Duck is a large cathedral in Duckburg containing a wishing fountain and a replica of itself built by a fellow who looks exactly like Scrooge wearing a phantom suit.

The Money Bin

Scrooge's money bin is wear he stores his coin collection and Number One Dime. It is located on Killmotor Hill.

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