The Duckburg City Council is one of Duckburg's governmental bodies.


The Duckburg City Council is an elected body with a representative of each district of the city of Duckburg. Sworn in by the Mayor after their elections, the various members are then given different offices by the Mayor, such as the Commissioner of Public Works, who is responsible, among other things, for the city's cleanliness.

By 2013, the two high-profile candidates for the Council in the Fifth District (inhabited by Donald Duck) were Julius Babblebomb and Kwickly Zipcoin, but they both lost to Donald, who had managed to win over the public through the eccentricity of his campaign, which consisted of spreading ludicrous amounts of pamphlets throughout the district. Donald was, however, presumably in no hurry to repeat the experience, as he was immediately made Commissioner of Public Works by an irate Mayor Hogwilde and ordered to go clean up his own mess with the pamphlets.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Duckburg City Council was, as far as the Scrooge McDuck Wiki is aware, first featured in the 1960 Carl Barks story, The Village Blacksmith. It was later expanded upon in William Van Horn's 2013 story, The Big Wind.

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