The Duckburg Hall of Fame is a building located in Duckburg.


As its name states, the Duckburg Hall of Fame is a museum holding artistic depictions of famous people (mostly statues and paintings). It includes a special "world's richest men" room, which includes a satue of John D. Morganfellow and a painting of Thaddeus Van Astorbow; in 1954, a bust of Scrooge McDuck was also added to the collection.[1]

Other historical figures honored in the Hall of Fame include an anonymous duck in a sailor suit looking through a spyglass (who might be Daniel Duck), another unknpown duck, in eighteenth century clothing, battling pirates, and Sir Wilbur Webtoe, a mountain climber. In 1960, Donald Duck, after a series of hapless attempts, managed to get into the Hall of Fame, but, due to the circumstances that were being honored, the statue ended up too big to fit through the door and had to be stored in the Museum's basement.[2]

The Hall of Fame does not appear to have a tour guide, but it does have a rather cranky guard who takes great pride in his job and refuses to see the Hall of Fame slandered, which long put him at odds with Donald Duck, who thought all the people honored in the Hall were not that deserving.

Behind the scenesEdit

First seen in the 1954 story A Big Bust, the Hall of Fame was used again in the 1961 tale The Fame Game.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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