Duckesque's Butler (the maggiordomo di Paperescu in the original Italian) is a male anthropomorphic dog.


The latest heir of a family of servants of the Duckesques who are the keeper of family secrets the Counts themselves have forgotten, this butler works for the elderly Count Duckesque. Due to being forced to stay up at night with his insomniac master, the Butler was often in a half-asleep, mumbling daze as he completed his duties around the castle — which, combined with his ominous appearance, once made Donald Duck think he was some sort of humanoid monster, feeding into Donald's delusion that Duckesque was a vampire.

Behind the scenes

Count Duckesque's nameless Butler first appeared in 1986 in Donald Duck and the Adventure in Transylvania.

He was designed after actor Boris Karloff in his role as Frankenstein's Monster, to encourage Donald's false beliefs about him.

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