The Duckesque Talisman is a golden artifact.


The Duckesque Talisman is a golden bat-shaped statue, embedded in the hilt of a heirloom sword of the Duckesque line. The Talisman's first known Duckesque owner, in the Renaissance, was antagonized by a Wicked Witch who sought to obtain the talisman (possibly because it posses otherwise-nondescript mystical abilities). However, thanks to a witch-repelling garlic mixture he had invented, the Count was able to safeguard the Talisman, which was later hidden alongside the rest of the Duckesque fortune in the family's castle, only retrived by the Duckesque heir in the year 1986.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Duckesque Talisman was only ever seen in the 1986 story Donald Duck and the Adventure in Transylvania.

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