The Duckesque Tome is a book.


This thick old tome, most probably a unique volume, relayed the legend of Count Duckesque, of his fantastic treasure and of his struggles with the Wicked Witch and thieves who sought to steal it from him. The book contained a portrait of Duckesque, as well as references to the "foolproof methods" he developed to fight off the witch and the brigands; it did not, however, reveal the nature of the latter.

By 1986, Scrooge McDuck had acquired the tome as part of his family archives (the Duckesques being related to the Clan McDuck). Reading from it, he discovered the similarities between Duckesques' enemies and his own worst foes Magica De Spell and the Beagle Boys, and sent his nephew Donald to Transylvania to weasel out the secret from Duckesque's descendant.

Behind the scenesEdit

This book was only ever seen in the 1986 story Donald Duck and the Adventure in Transylvania.

In the Italian coloring also used in the story's sole American edition, there is a coloring mistake: the book is first colored green in its first appearance (as illustrated in the page image), but is colored blood-red in all following panels.

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