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[[Category:DuckTales Remastered Characters]]
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Duckworth is an anthropomorphic dog.


Duckworth is Scrooge McDuck's distinguished and practical butler and chauffeur at McDuck Mansion (as opposed to Quackmore, who rather works at the Money Bin). He often took part in Scrooge's adventures while he was living in McDuck Mansion with his grandnephews. Duckworth, in spite of his ridiculously small salary and the mistreatments he suffers from Scrooge, has been shown to love his job as a butler, and was deeply depressed when Scrooge, thinking Duckworth was dissatisfied with his job, fired him (allegedly "for his own good").

Television series:

  • The Treasure of the Golden Suns
  • Send in the Clones
  • Armstrong
  • Robot Robbers
  • Magica's Shadow War
  • Master of the Djinni
  • Hotel Strangeduck
  • The Money Vanishes
  • Down & Out in Duckburg
  • Much Ado About Scrooge
  • Pearl of Wisdom
  • Earth Quack
  • Bermuda Triangle Tangle
  • Micro Ducks from Outer Space
  • Ducks of the West
  • Time Teasers
  • Raiders of the Lost Harp
  • Scroogerello

Behind the scenes

Duckworth was created in 1987 for The Treasure of the Golden Suns.

First Name

His first name is unknown. However, he is usually called by his first name in some of DuckTales' foreign translations; excluding the first names that do not exist in English, this leaves the options of Archibald ("Archie" is his Italian name), Leopold (Portuguese), Johann (German) or Albert (Danish). This can be further narrowed down to only Archibald and Leopold, as Albert is already the official name for Scrooge's other butler, Albert Quackmore, making it unlikely for the same name to be picked for Duckworth.

Voice Actors