Dugan Duck, also known as Beaky Duck (Biquinho in the original Portuguese), is a young anthropomorphic duck with some loon blood.


The son of Mary Duck, Dugan was a willy little thing who ended up lost in a Brazilian jungle as an infant and was raised by porcupines. He was found by his uncle Fethry and Fethry's girlfriend Gloria in 1982 and has been raised by Fethry ever since, becoming a more-or-less-socially-adapted, but still energetic and stubborn child who is on good terms with his slightly older cousins Huey, Dewey and Louie. He is best friends with Fethry's upper-class neighbors' daughter, Cintia.

Behind the scenesEdit

Created in 1982, Dugan debuted in the fourth-wall-breaking (and thus non-canonical) story Dugan: A Hurricane in Black and White in May before being properly introduced the next month in Dugan's Birth.

Despite having been officially dubbed Dugan (though a more direct translation of his Brazilian name would be Beaky) in English, he has not made any appearances in official English-language printings.

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