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Jumbo, Jr., better known by the name Dumbo, is a flying elephant and one of the animal performers at WDP Circus. He is the son of Mrs Jumbo and a good friend of Timothy Mouse.[1]


Dumbo was delivered to his mother by Mr. Stork sometime before 1941. Within minutes after delivery, he was mocked and ostracized for his large ears. He would later find that said ears were an asset to him, as, with them, he was able to fly. He quickly became a renowned star for his flying abilities.[1]

He is a playful and childish elephant.[1]

Physical Appearance

Dumbo is a gray baby elephant with large ears and blue eyes.[1]

Behind the scenes

Dumbo's origins can be traced to the 1939 book Dumbo the Flying Elephant by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl. The book would soon be adapted into an animated film, Dumbo, which was released on October the 23rd, 1941. Prior to the release of the animated film, he appeared in its comic adaptation, Dumbo of the Circus.

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