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Dumbo is a 1941 animated film written by Joe Grant and Dick Huemer, and directed by Ben Sharpsteen. It features, in their debuts, Dumbo, Timothy Q. Mouse, Mrs Jumbo, Mr Stork, the Ringmaster, the Crows (including the unfortunately-named Jim), Rajah, and more.


Many of the animal performers at WDP Circus are having their children delivered to them via stork. Among these is Mrs. Jumbo, who receives hers, a baby boy whom she names Jumbo, Jr., from Mr. Stork while on the circus's train, Casey, Jr. Unfortunately, her child is ostracized due to his oversized ears and given the nickname of "Dumbo". While trying to defend her son from a childish bully, Mrs. Jumbo lands herself in solitary confinement, leaving Dumbo to be cared for by his new friend and defender, Timothy Q. Mouse, who tries to convince the Ringmaster to make Dumbo a star. When his plans fail, it may be up to a night with pink elephants and a morning with skeptical crows, as well as a certain "magic feather", to help Dumbo find his hidden talents.


  • Signs in the background give Dumbo's home circus the name of "WDP Circus".
  • A newspaper seen at the end of the film is dated to Thursday, March 13, 1941, indicating that the film takes place shortly before said date.
  • Timothy's name is never stated in the film, but is seen on a contract as "Timothy Q. Mouse."

    The southern portion of the United States of America, as seen in Dumbo.

  • WDP Circus's winter quarters is shown to be in the southern part of Florida.
  • The film shows that the world it exists in has some geographical differences from that of the real-world, as Mississippi is shown as bordering Florida, and Kentucky is where Tennessee should be.


  • Mr. Stork would later appear in Lambert the Sheepish Lion, thus connecting the two films.
  • Disneystrology would declare Dumbo's birthday to be May 7, hinting that the scenes of Dumbo's delivery occur on this day.
  • The film was adapted into a comic story, Dumbo of the Circus, which was actually released before the film. This story in turn would later be remade into the 1952 comic story, The Flying Elephant.


  • Look Out For Mr Stork
  • Casey, Jr
  • Song of the Roustabouts
  • Baby Mine
  • The Clown Song
  • Pink Elephants on Parade
  • When I See an Elephant Fly

Behind the scenes

Dumbo was inspired by and based on the 1939 book, Dumbo the Flying Elephant by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl. The film was released on October the 23rd, 1941.

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