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Early To Bid is a comic story written by David Gerstein and drawn by Jorge David Redo. It features Mickey Mouse, Mortimer Mouse, Horace Horsecollar, and, in their debut, Countess De Luge, Galhume Giltpalate and Gorgia Chitlinstuffer. It also mentions Long John Mouse, Jonathan Mouse, Turpin Mouse, Boomer Mouse, Napoléon Bonaparte and Tutankhamun.


Because a local noblewoman has organized a charity auction of precious family heirlooms, well-bred braggart Mortimer Mouse begins teasing Mickey about his less-than-reputable ancestry (such as the pirate Long John Mouse). Roused, Mickey decides to make a wheel of cheese based on said pirate ancestor's precious heirloom recipe, and enter it in the auction. Naturally, Mortimer isn't the type to play fair, and he attempts to sabotage them…

Behind the scenes

Early To Bid was first printed in 1997 in the Swedish Kalle Anka & Co #1997-37. It was printed in English in Mickey Mouse #328.