Earth-5556, also known as the Whoniverse, N-Space or the Third Universe, is a parallel universe existing alongside the Prime Universe, the 2017 Continuum and other dimensions.

Description[edit | edit source]

A wide universe with many alternate continuities of its own, Earth-5556 is, like the Prime Universe, a world filled with many alien species, strange science, and time travel aplenty. However, it presents many differences; for one, this world's Earth's sole dominant species are humans, with no anthropomorphic animals in sight. Indeed, Mickey Mouse and other Disney stars from the Prime Universe exist exclusively as fictional characters there.

Perhaps the most striking feature of Earth-5556 is the planet Gallifrey and its inhabitants, the Time Lords, the first civilization in that dimension to have developed time travel, guarding its secrets close to their chests and using them to preside over the universe's destiny as gods (however, for millions of years, they have followed a strict non-interference policy).

A rebellious and compassionate member of their species, only known as "the Doctor", uses one of their time machines, called TARDIS, to travel through time and space, and, occasionally, across dimensions; on several occasions, he or his TARDIS crossed over into the Prime Universe. As such, the Doctor is, alone in all of Earth-5556, aware of Mickey Mouse and Scrooge McDuck as real people.

More Information[edit | edit source]

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Earth-5556 (so named during other dimension-bridging crossovers, namely with the Marvel Multiverse; strictly in Doctor Who terms, the names N-Space, Whoniverse and DWU have more traction) is the main setting of the Doctor Who franchise, beginning with the 1963 televison story An Unearthly Child.

Points of contact between Earth-5556 include:

David Tennant and Francisco Angones have also stated that they would be very glad to see a proper crossover between Earth-5556 and the 2017 Continuum, although it is unlikely. Angones has also mused on how an encounter between 2017 Continuum denizen Lord Dominator and Earth-5556 villains the Daleks would go down, though, again, only as a hypothetical rather than a statement of fact.

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