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Ebeneezer Harker is the ghost of a male dognose.

Description Edit

Ebeneezer Harker, the nephew of Jonathan Harker, was a gambler from 19th century Mouseton, living with his uncle Jonathan and his wife in a manor known as the Harker House. Mrs Harker, disapproving of Ebeneezer's card-playing, attempted to deter him by surreptitiously filching one or two cards from every deck he bought. The following despair drove Ebeneezer, who thought himself cursed, to a heart attack.

Ebeneezer's ghost haunted the Harker House ever since, in the company of the ghosts of his uncle and wife, forever recounting his deck of cards to make sure it was complete. When the Harker House was destroyed to make way for a new building in 1969, the Harker family ghosts briefly inhabited Goofy's house, only to be redirected by Mickey Mouse to the Haunted Mansion, where they became three of the 999 happy haunts residing in the Manor. 

Behind the scenes Edit

Ebeneezer Harker was only ever seen in the 1969 promotional story Spooky Tenants.

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