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Captain Ebenezer Goofy, also known by the alias of Captain Goofbeard, is an anthropomorphic dog.


The son of explorer Goofmors Goofy, Captain Ebenezer Goofy was a sailor (later turned friendly pirate) who travelled far and wide, notably bringing back an ancient scimitar from a trip to the East (which he, and later his grandson George P. Goofy, used as a bread knife). At some point, Ebenezer married a nameless woman and they had a great many children, including Amos Goofy, who became an explorer like his grandfather Goofmors. Ebenezer died at some point before 1954.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ebenezer Goofy was first mentioned in the 1954 TV special The Adventure Story. He was again mentioned a month later in Struggle for the Scimitar. The character was left in limbo for decades until the 60th anniversary of his debut, 2014; reimagined as a pirate, he made a long-belated, proper animated debut in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode Mickey's Pirate Adventure, voiced by guest star Dick Van Dyke.

Although it is likely some of Goofy's aunts and uncles introduced over the years were Ebenezer's children, one cannot be certain, as more-or-less-distant cousins who are one generation removed are often referred to as "uncles" and "aunts" in Disney comics.

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