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Ebenezer Scrunge (Johnatan Ezekiels in the original Italian) is an anthropomorphic dog.


Ebenezer Scrunge is a little middle-aged man living in one of the poorer neighborhoods of Mouseton, formerly known to the locals as a happy-go-lucky jokester. In November of 2011, he stumbled upon the Magic Coat, and, after using its money-summoning abilities for innocent or charitable purposes, Scrunge grew mad with greed. The coat rebelled against him, landing him in such trouble that he eventually abandoned it in a restaurant and returned to his old life. When trying to track down the Coat's origins a month later, the object's next owner, Mickey Mouse, briefly confronted Scrunge.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ebenezer Scrunge appears in the 2011 story Mickey Mouse and the Coat of Christmas Magic!.

Being a greedy and confrontational old man in a Christmas story, Ebenezer Scrunge's English name is, of course, a pun on that of Charles Dickens's Ebenezer Scrooge, a character often depicted in Disney comics lore.

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