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Edward Rogers is a human man.


This kind and likable English man married Wendy Darling at some point in the 1920's. The two had a duo of children, the level-headed Jane and her younger brother, the ever-enthusiastic Danny. During World War II, Edward was called in the army, to his family's distress, though he returned unharmed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Edward first appeared in 2002 in Return to Neverland.

His last name is an allusion to his voice actor, Roger Rees, a Welsh actor best known for his stage work who also appeared in famous films and series such as Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Tales of the Unexpected, to cite an example of each. Interestingly, Rees also codirected a famous performance of the stage play Peter and the Starcatcher, another, non-Disney spinoff of the original Peter Pan story.

Voice ActorsEdit

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