Professor Edwin Eureka is an anthropomorphic gander.


Professor Eureka is a professional inventor living in Duckburg. In 2013, he perfected a machine that could create any dish based on the user's brainwave. He intended to present it an an inventors' convention and thereby win the first prize in the inventions contest. Gyro Gearloose, who had created a duplicating machine, sought the first prize as well, leading to a rivalry between the two. Misunderstanding Gyro's bitter words about Eureka, Donald Duck thought Eureka was a dishonest man after the manner of Emil Eagle, and accused him when the duplicator was stolen. Donald soon realized his mistake, but his amateur sleuthing ended up breaking Eureka's food creator, much to his anger.

Behind the scenesEdit

Professor Eureka was only ever seen in 2013 in Paperino e la Soluzione Moltiplicante, unavailable in English as of 2017.

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