Eega Beeva is a male Beevan.


Actually named Professor Pittisborum Plummer-Push, Eega Beeva is a highly respected (if a little eccentric) scientist from the faraway planet Beeva. Eega shares several odd physical characteristics with other Beevans, such as a diet consisting mainly of pickled kumquats and mothballs, a fondness for sleeping on top of narrow poles, and an odd verbal tick of adding "p-" at the beginning of various words when speaking English.

Eega, as per his planet's fashion, only wears an odd black kilt of unknown fabric. However, this apparently primitive loincloth actually has several pockets that are infitely bigger on the inside, where he stores various gadgets and gizmos, some of which are commonplace on Beevas, and others which he invented himself. He is also a time-traveller who has thoroughly explored the past and future of Planet Earth as well as those of Beeva, which sometimes has him mistaken for a man from the future (which only makes sense, inasmuch as Beevans look exacty like what Humanity would supposedly evolve towards in 500 hundred years).

In 1947, while visiting a subterranean Beevan colony on Earth, and not yet speaking a word of English at the time, Eega happened to meet Mickey Mouse who had wandered into the outskirts of the colony through a cave where he'd intially found shelter from a heavy rain. Due to his inability to pronounce the curious creature's real name, Mickey nicknamed him "Eega Beeva" ("eega" and "Beeva" being the two words that the disoriented Beevan was repeating over and over); Eega loved the name so much that he kept it ever since. When Mickey got back to the surface, Eega followed him, and, while Mickey tried to educate Eega into the ways of Earth people, the two formed a strong friendship, in spite of Eega's confusing antics. Since then, Eega has often dropped in at Mickey's house to take him on various adventures.

Eega also has quite the family. He has a fiancée, who looks rather odd by Earth standards, but looks absolutely gorgeous to a Beevan (so much so that Eega will get into a furious anger if Earthlings do not agree that she is the most beautiful person in the world). Eega also has several relatives living in the Beevan Underground Colony: two nephews called Teco and Tuca, his nameless grandfather, and his Uncle Bonifacio and Aunt Marocas. Eega Beeva also has two malicious cousin, Iota Kappa (his perfect lookalike, who turns ravenous when he drinks benzine) and Sting Wasper (a powerhungry scientist who turned himself and his followers into half-wasp creatures who now leave on an asteroid near Planet Beeva).

Behind the scenesEdit

Eega Beeva first appeared in the 1947 serial The Man of Tomorrow.

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