The Egyptian Apothecaries were a human man and a male dognose.


Around 2800 B.C., these two men were among the tyrannical King Tutanbuono's Royal Apothecaries. Finding his murderous, pyramid-obsessed tyranny too much too bear, they eventually decided to act on it, feeding the Pharaoh a magical poison that froze him in time until certain magic words were spoken. This only happened five thousand years later, but Tutanbuono found a time machine in this future world and used it to go back to a few minutes after his getting frozen, regaining his power and reducing the Apothecaries to menial laborers.

Behind the scenesEdit

They debuted in the 1973 story Money is the Root of Upheaval.

In the original version, they are only referred to as ‘dignitaries’; it is Joe Torcivia's 2018 version which specifically added that they were Royal Apothecaries. 

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