The Electronic Squigg De-Oolater is a peculiar machine invented by Clarence Coot.


The Electronic Squigg De-Oolater is an electronic device invented by Mousetonian inventor Clarence Coot, whose use is transparently to de-oolate Oolated Squiggs. Despite its lack of obvious practical use, Coot was quite proud of his creation, and framed a photograph of him posing with the prototype in his laboratory, where Mickey Mouse later came across it.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Electronic Squigg De-Oolater appears in the 2001 story Is This House Haunted?.

In the dialogue, the emphasis is put on "Squigg De-Oolater" while "electronic" is in plain text. This may imply that squigg de-oolaters are an extant item, and Clarence's innovation was in creating an electronic version.

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