Ellroy Bheezer is a mynah bird.


Ellroy is Ellsworth Bheezer's adopted son. Like his father, he is an intelligent mynah bird. As Ellsworth is often off on numerous globe-trotting adventures, Ellroy tends to stay with Mickey and gets involved in all kinds of adventures too.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ellroy was introduced by Romano Scarpa in the story Topolino e il rampollo di Gancio ("Mickey and Ellsworth's Offspring"). In the story, Ellsworth is seen having joined the Foreign Legion, and he ends up adopting the home- and parentless little fledgling and being expelled from the Foreign Legion because of that. It is unclear whether the rather harsh theme of the story prevented it from being printed in many languages, but because Ellroy was not introduced properly in several countries, translators tended to mistake him for his father despite the visual differences. Scarpa actually stated that he invented Ellroy because Ellsworth was too strong-willed to work as a permanent sidekick for Mickey. Like Atomo Bleep-Bleep before him, Ellroy formed a dynamic team with Mickey in which Mickey is the taller character. Ellroy's somewhat laxer attitude towards common morals proves an interesting contrast to Mickey in some Scarpa stories. The only author who has used Ellroy extensively after Scarpa is Casty (e.g. The Big Fat Flat Blot Plot).

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