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Elvira “Elviry” Duck (nee Coot), better known as Grandma Duck, and sometimes referred to as Abigail, is a female anthropomorphic duck/coot hybrid.


Grandma Duck is Donald Duck's paternal grandmother, Hortense McDuck's mother-in-law, and one of the oldest (if not the oldest) citizens of Duckburg. Grandma Duck has a large farm in the neighborhood of Quacktown, just outside Duckburg, where in spite of her very old age she still works with punch, with the dubious help of her lazy grandnephew Gus Goose. Grandma is the depository of the history of Duckburg and of the Duck family, and for all intents and purposes acts like the leader of the family. In time of crisis, the extended Duck family (composed most of the time of Scrooge McDuckDonald Duck and his nephewsFethry, GladstoneGusDaisy, and also friends and/or distant relatives Gyro GearlooseBrigittaJubal PompQuackmore and Miss Quackfaster) will assemble at the farm. This is also the default place where any members of said extended family can go to spend some restful holidays, dropping in at any moment.


Relationship to ScroogeEdit

By most accounts, Elvira is Donald Duck's biological grandmother, more specifically the mother of his father, with Scrooge McDuck not being related by blood to Grandma, instead being the brother of Donald's mother, Hortense, who married Elvira's aforementioned son.[1]

However, other accounts state that Scrooge and Elvira are in fact closely related;[2] at least one states that they are cousins,[3] but the bulk of these accounts instead shows them to be siblings who grew up together,[4] with Grandma usually the elder sibling,[5] although another account has Scrooge be the older sibling.[6]

When it comes to how Donald Duck could remain her grandson in such a scheme, when one would expect her to be his mother or his aunt, one account has shown Donald explaining that he had been adopted by Scrooge and Grandma, but, with neither wanting to take on the charge of being a full-on parent, they had agreed to behave as an uncle and grandmother respectively.[7] Other accounts simply acknowledge that while Elvira is known as “Grandma Duck”, Donald is in fact her nephew, and she refers to him as such.[8]

Although some accounts show Scrooge and Elvira growing up together in the Duckburg countryside, whether related or not,[9] others place Scrooge, Elvira and Gideon's shared childhood in Scotland.[10] One account curiously states that they are siblings by blood but did not grow up together or even in the same region, only meeting up in adulthood.[11]

Relationship to Casey and HumperdinkEdit

Although most accounts show that Humperdink Duck, later known as Pa Duck and later still Grandpa Duck, was Elvira's husband,[12] and that the prospector Casey befriended by Scrooge McDuck in the Klondike and who had a claim to Cornelius Coot's estate[13] was Elvira's brother,[14] there exists one dissenting account according to which Casey was Elvira's husband, while Humperdink, the Grandpa Duck whom Donald knew in his childhood, was actually Elvira's brother.[15]

Behind the scenesEdit

Elvira Duck was first mentioned as "Grandma Duck" in the second strip of The Wise Little Hen, with this strip having been released on September the 23rd, 1934. She was only mentioned here and was not physically seen. Her exact identity was rather ambiguous too, as was her relationship Donald Duck, a prominent character in The Wise Little Hen, or lack thereof.

Her first physical appearance was nearly six years later in August 1940 in the comic strip entitled Buried Money, though whether or not this counts as a true "physical appearance" is debatable as she only appears in a photograph on Donald's wall. This strip further confirmed that she was indeed a relative of Donald's. Her first true physical appearance came a full nine years almost to the date after her name first appeared in print, in a Donald Duck comic strip released on September the 27th, 1943. She appeared in multiple strips afterwards and soon began to star in full-length comics. She has become a major recurring character in Donald Duck comics and has even made a few appearances in animation starting with her animated debut in This Is Your Life, Donald Duck in 1960.

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