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Elvira “Elviry” Duck (née Coot), better known as Grandma Duck, and sometimes referred to as Abigail, is a female anthropomorphic duck/coot hybrid.


Grandma Duck is Donald Duck's grandmother and one of the oldest (if not the oldest) citizens of Duckburg. Grandma Duck has a large farm in the neighborhood of Quacktown, just outside Duckburg, where in spite of her very old age she still works with punch, with the dubious help of her lazy grandnephew Gus Goose. Grandma is the depository of the history of Duckburg and of the Duck family, and for all intents and purposes acts like the leader of the family. In time of crisis, the extended Duck family (composed most of the time of Scrooge McDuckDonald Duck and his nephewsFethry, GladstoneGusDaisy, and also friends and/or distant relatives Gyro GearlooseBrigittaJubal Pomp, Quackmore and Miss Quackfaster) wil assemble at the farm. This is also the default place where any members of said extended family can go to spend some restful holidays, dropping in at any moment

Behind the scenesEdit

She first appeared in August of 1940 in a photograph in a comic strip entitled Buried Money.

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