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Evil Emil Eagle is an anthropomorphic bald eagle.


Also known as the "Evil Inventor", Emil Eagle is Gyro Gearloose's archenemy. Although he does have an actual scientific genius (though not on par with Gyro's), Emil is overall a rather mediocre inventor, and is mostly content with stealing the plans of Gyro Gearloose's own inventions and building them, claiming their ownership. Emil Eagle's motivations vary greatly, from small-scale fame as an inventor to world domination.

Interestingly, Emil Eagle is actually a balding eagle, and bald he was during his first documented face-off with the ducks[1]; however, shortly thereafter, he sprinkled himself with a hair-growth lotion invented by Gyro, and has had the same white feathers as the Ducks ever since[2][3]

Behind the scenes

He was created in 1966 in The Evil Inventor.

Notes and references

  1. In Og's Iron Bed, which was printed after The Evil Inventor but does seem to take place slightly earlier. Oddly, in the more recent printing of the story, his pink skin was recolored white, in an effort to erase his baldness, probably because the editors thought new readers wouldn't recognize a bald Emil.
  2. In The Evil Inventor.
  3. Interestingly, his feathers are instead colored as brown in some printings.