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Emily Quackfaster, better known as Miss Quackfaster, and sometimes nicknamed Miss Quack, is a female anthropomorphic duck.


The no-nonsense and efficient Emily Quackfaster is Scrooge McDuck's secretary, and as good with numbers as that job description implies.[1] Together with Mr Clerkly and Quackmore, she effectively runs the Money Bin's administrative staff, something Scrooge, for all his business shrewdness, is utterly incapable of. She was actually hired by Matilda and Hortense, Scrooge's sister, in the 1910's, as they felt Scrooge was overworking himself. Initially reluctant to pay one more employee, Scrooge nevertheless quickly warmed up to Miss Quackfaster. It seems that she was also briefly married to an unknown “Mr Featherby”, as she went by the name of Mrs Featherby in the late 1980's.[2] For unknown reasons, Quackfaster is immune to most types of sorcery,[3] though Foof Bombs sometimes work on her.

Behind the scenes

Emily Quackfaster was first seen (anonymously) in 1961 in Carl Barks's The Midas Touch.

In a 1963 Italian story written by Abramo and Giampaolo Barosso, a secretary resembling Miss Quackfaster (called "Mrs Quac" in Italian) was featured; though she may not have been based on Barks's then-recent secretary character, she is usually reckoned to be the same person as Quackfaster in-universe).

The version of Quackfaster in DuckTales 2017 was made a librarian rather than Scrooge's secretary, conflating her with her lookalike from the comics, Miss De Wak.

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Notes & References

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