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Miss Emily Quackfaster is a female anthropomorphic duck, and is the 2017 Continuum's version of Emily Quackfaster.

Description Edit

This considerably less demure counterpart of Quackfaster is Scrooge McDuck's faithful librarian and the keeper of the Archives in his Money Bin. Possibly due to the loneliness of the job, Quackfaster has turned rather mad over the years, taking her librarian duties with nigh-religious seriousness, to the point of chasing potential readers around with a sword to make them prove themselves "worthy" of accessing the "forbidden knowledge". Though admired by her boss for her "work ethics", she also has something of a lazy streak, being only too happy to get visitors to do her job for her as part of the so-called "trials".

Behind the scenes Edit

This version of Miss Quackfaster first appeared in the 2017 episode of DuckTales 2017, The Great Dime Chase, and is mentioned in The Last Crash of the Sunchaser and The Shadow War.

She appears to combine characteristics of the original Miss Quackfaster with the similar one-shot character Miss De Wak, who was, in fact, a librarian who took her duties too seriously, and whom Carl Barks drew to be nearly identical to his rendition of Miss Quackfaster.

Voice ActressesEdit

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