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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, nor created by an established official creator. Enchantée was the tenth story, and the third prose work, created by Sara Bardi for Mal's Manor. It featured Henry Ravenswood and Martha Ravenswood, and mentions Mary, Gertrude and Jasper.


In a flashback to before the rise of the Ravenswoods (let alone their supernatural fall), amateur robber Martha Baxter is tracked down by someone she stole from — a young man with an English accent who was very much the wrong sort of man to rob.


  • Martha Ravenswood's maiden name is established as “Baxter”. She is mentioned to have had an older sister named Mary and a cousin called Gertrude.
  • In her youth, she committed a few crimes, including the armed robbery of a caravan of presbyterians who were “travelling from Grizzly Gulch to the county’s border”.
  • Henry claims to have grown up in England.


  • Rainbow Ridge from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (2015) is mentioned, and confirmed as a town not too far from Thunder Mesa, “up the hill”.
  • The Rainbow Caverns from Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland are mentioned as a “local tourist trap” hidden in the canyon.

Behind the scenes

Enchantée was released in August of 2020.