The Ennead of the Eigengrau Easter Eggs is a secret organization made up of (presumably, nine) sentient Easter Eggs, or nine non-egg people who have adopted Easter eggs as their symbol.

Description Edit

One of the many knockoffs of the Horde of the Violet Hare, the Ennead of the Eigengrau Easter Eggs are an organization of unknown purpose (although they, like most other Hare knockoffs, also presumably want to search for Atlantean treasure). In 2019, after Joe Torcivia made a post on his blog wishing his readers a happy Easter, the Ennead noted in the comments that they would be meeting the Society of the Rhyming Dove for an Easter feast, to which Torcivia responded by asking which organization would eat the other there. The Eggs expressed their horror at the suggestion, stating that they would never eat their associates at the Society, especially on Easter, and were sure that the Society members would never eat them - or so they hoped, at least.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Ennead of the Eigengrau Easter Eggs is a parody of the Horde of the Violet Hare created by an anonymous reader (known by the Wiki to be Lupan Evezan) in the comments section of a post of Joe Torcivia's The Issue At Hand, in continuation of the running gag existing on that blog in which various knockoffs of the Horde comment on Torcivia's posts.

It can be presumed, from the name of the organization, that the organization consists of nine members, as "ennead" denotes a group of nine things. "Eigengrau", the color of the eggs, is the name of the color seen when one closes their eyes.

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