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Epic Mickey is a video game directed by Warren Spector. It features Mickey Mouse, Oswald Rabbit, Gremlin Gus and other Gremlins, Yen Sid, the Mad Doctor, the Lonesome Ghosts, Ortensia Rabbit, the Bunny Children, Turk, some of the Mirror Cards (including the Ace of Spades, the Jack of Trades and Decker), the Mirror Radio and Telephone, the Moat Alligators. The armor of the Little Knights can also be seen, and a the likenesses of a great variety of characters can be seen as pictures, statues, and in the “Projector Screens” levels.

The game also features the debuts of numerous characters, including the Blot, the Shadow Blot, all Blotlings, Guardians and Beetleworx, the Lost Characters, the Animatronic Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Captain Hook and Crocodile, alternate Peg-Leg Pete counterparts Big Bad Pete, Pete Pan, Petetronic, Small Pete, and (in deleted material) Garbage Pete, alternate counterparts of Mr Smee, Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow, the Clock Tower, Metairie, Madame Leona, Abner, Bertrand, Louis, Botanist Darvin, Casey, Corrine, Dolly Dalmatian, Florence, Gilda, Jack Kelly, Laralee, Paulie, Porter, Rufus McBark, Ricky Row, Shifty, Tiki Sam, the Wasteland Usher, Wasteland William, Shopkeeper Travis, Pirate Moody, Gentleman Starkey, Sherman, Beluga Billy and the Sprite. A statue of Walt Disney can be seen.


A monster sucks Mickey Mouse into a decayed magical realm, the Wasteland, created by sorcerer Yen Sid as a home for the forgotten. Armed with a Magic Paintbrush, Mickey fights his way through the strange world of Wasteland, trying to discover how to defeat the Mad Doctor and the Shadow Blot, what this "Thinner Disaster" is that the Wastelanders keep mentioning, and why the ruler of the land, Oswald Rabbit, seems to hate him so…


Behind the scenes

Epic Mickey is the first installment in the eponymous series series. It was released in November of 2010.

The game spawned a great wealth of concepts in production that were either abandoned or altered beyond recognition; in the latter category, the antagonist was originally supposed to be the Phantom Blot, who was revamped and rewritten so deeply into the game's Blot that the name was eventually changed to "Shadow Blot". For unclear reasons, the graphic novel retelling of the game still uses “Phantom Blot”.