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Epic Mickey, or Disney's Epic Mickey, is a series of video games originally developed by Junction Point Studios under the leadership of Warren Spector, which has also included spin-offs in other media.


The Epic Mickey series focuses on Mickey Mouse's adventures in the magical realm of Wasteland, "where things go when they're forgotten". By a young Mickey's own fault, Wasteland is ravaged by ink monsters and evil robots, and Mickey must become the savior of this world time and time again while winning the trust of the realm's leader, bitter Oswald Rabbit, a former actor who blames Mickey for his own downfall in popularity…

At his disposal, Mickey has a fantastic weapon filched from Yen Sid's castle — the Magic Paintbrush, capable of projecting endless amounts of Paint and Thinner (magical counterparts to both substance which can respectively create objects out of thin air and turn enemies friendly, and dissolve everything but metal and stone) — and the friendship and guidance of wise Gremlin Gus.

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