Epic Mickey Disney Channel ID

Epic Mickey Disney Channel ID is a short animated spot featuring Mickey Mouse.


Mickey Mouse, foregoing the usual Identification Wand, uses his Magic Paintbrush to materialize the Disney Channel logo.

Behind the scenes

This spot is part of the Disney Channel tradition of small spots where characters from their various shows make the logo appear with a magic wand. It was the second of these spots to feature Mickey Mouse (excluding his logo-self, which appears in every short), succeeding Mickey Mouse Disney Channel ID and preceding 2018's Hi, I'm Mickey Mouse And You Are Watching Disney Channel!. The short was used around 2010, and was meant to promote Epic Mickey.

Unlike most Wand IDs, this short uses Epic Mickey's Magic Paintbrush, rather than an Identification Wand.

It is notable as (so far) the only element of the Epic Mickey series created for television broadcasting, rather than as a video game, a comic, or a webcast.

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