Erin Glover is a human woman.


Erin Glover is a Disneyland employee, a peppy and ever-smiling journalist for the Disney Parks Blog. She specializes in interviewing unusual members of the Park's staff, including the Hatbox Ghost from the Haunted Mansion and even Harold the Abominable Snowman (whose roars she appeared to understand).

Behind the scenesEdit

The in-universe persona of real-life Disney employee Erin Glover, this Erin Glover is implicitly the author of Glover's various in-universe pieces (starting with the 2011 Darth Vader Spends a Day in Disneyland Park). She appears in the flesh (played, of course, by the real Erin Glover) in the 2014 webcast The Abominable Snowman Inside the Matterhorn.

Portrayed ByEdit

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